The use of JavaScript code libraries and snippets has speeded up development. Browse the links below to access resources.

JS Introduction

JS Where To
JS Output
JS Statements
JS Syntax
JS Comments
JS Variables
JS Operators
JS Arithmetic
JS Assignment
JS Data Types
JS Functions
JS Objects
JS Events
JS Strings
JS String Methods
JS Numbers
JS Number Methods
JS Arrays
JS Array Methods
JS Array Sort
JS Array Iteration
JS Dates
JS Date Formats
JS Date Get Methods
JS Date Set Methods
JS Math
JS Random
JS Booleans
JS Comparisons
JS Conditions
JS Switch
JS Loop For
JS Loop While
JS Break
JS Type Conversion
JS Bitwise
JS RegExp
JS Errors
JS Scope
JS Hoisting
JS Strict Mode
JS this Keyword
JS Let
JS Const
JS Arrow Function
JS Classes
JS Debugging
JS Style Guide
JS Best Practices
JS Mistakes
JS Performance
JS Reserved Words
JS Versions
JS 2009 (ES5)
JS 2015 (ES6)
JS 2016
JS 2017

JS Forms

JS Forms
Forms API

JS Objects

Object Definitions
Object Properties
Object Methods
Object Display
Object Accessors
Object Constructors
Object Prototypes
Object ECMAScript 5

JS Functions

Function Definitions
Function Parameters
Function Invocation
Function Call
Function Apply
Function Closures

JS Classes

Class Intro
Class Inheritance
Class Static

JS Async

JS Callbacks
JS Asynchronous
JS Promises
JS Async/Await


DOM Intro
DOM Methods
DOM Document
DOM Elements
DOM Animations
DOM Events
DOM Event Listener
DOM Navigation
DOM Nodes
DOM Collections
DOM Node Lists

JS Browser BOM

JS Window
JS Screen
JS Location
JS History
JS Navigator
JS Popup Alert
JS Timing
JS Cookies


AJAX Intro
AJAX Request
AJAX Response
AJAX Database
AJAX Applications
AJAX Examples


JSON Intro
JSON Syntax
JSON Data Types
JSON Parse
JSON Stringify
JSON Objects
JSON Arrays


Web API Intro
Web History API
Web Storage API
Web Worker API
Web Fetch API
Web Geolocation API

JS vs jQuery

jQuery Selectors
jQuery HTML
jQuery CSS
jQuery DOM

JS Examples

JS Examples
JS HTML Objects
JS HTML Events
JS Browser
JS Editor
JS Exercises
JS Quiz
JS Certificate

JS Reference

JavaScript Objects
JS Boolean
JS Classes
JS Date
JS Error
JS Global
JS Math
JS Number
JS Operators
JS RegExp
JS Statements
JS String

Javascript Language

JavaScript is a programming language that conforms to the ECMAScript specification. JavaScript is high-level, often just-in-time compiled, and multi-paradigm. It has curly-bracket syntax, dynamic typing, prototype-based object-orientation, and first-class functions. Alongside HTML and CSS, JavaScript is one of the core technologies used by web designers. JavaScript enables interactive web pages and is an essential part of more advanced applications. The vast majority of websites use it for client-side page behavior, and browsers have a dedicated JavaScript engine to execute it almost instantaneously.

As a multi-paradigm language, JavaScript supports event-driven, functional, and imperative programming styles. It has application programming interfaces (APIs) for working with text, dates, regular expressions, standard data structures, and the Document Object Model (DOM). In practice, the web browser or other runtime system provides JavaScript APIs for I/O. Although there are external similarities between JavaScript and Java, including language name, syntax, and respective standard libraries, the two languages are distinct and differ greatly in design and utilization.

The majority of websites use a third-party JavaScript library or web application framework as part of their client-side page scripting. jQuery is the most popular library, now used by over 70% of websites. The Angular framework was created by Google for its web services; it is now open source and used by other websites. Likewise, Facebook created the React framework for its website and later released it as open source; other sites, including Twitter, now use it. In contrast, the term "Vanilla JS" has been coined for websites not using any libraries or frameworks, instead relying entirely on standard JavaScript functionality.

Rock Paper Scissors Game

This web development tutorial shows how to use JavaScript, HTML, and CSS to create a Rock Paper Scissors Game in your browser.

Connect Four - Javascript & Jquery

In this programming tutorial, we'll create a basic two player connect four game using Javascript, jQuery, CSS, and HTML. This tutorial is geared towards people who understand the basics of web technologies, but maybe want to watch how another developer builds a connect four application.

JavaScript Shopping Cart

Create a shopping cart using JavaScript. This project tutorial shows how to add all the basic functionality of a shopping cart into a website.

Node.js Tutorial

Node.js Tutorial for Beginners: Learn Node in 1 Hour.

jQuery Tutorial

jQuery HOME
jQuery Intro
jQuery Get Started
jQuery Syntax
jQuery Selectors
jQuery Events

jQuery Effects

jQuery Hide/Show
jQuery Fade
jQuery Slide
jQuery Animate
jQuery stop()
jQuery Callback
jQuery Chaining

jQuery HTML

jQuery Get
jQuery Set
jQuery Add
jQuery Remove
jQuery CSS Classes
jQuery css()
jQuery Dimensions

jQuery Traversing

jQuery Traversing
jQuery Ancestors
jQuery Descendants
jQuery Siblings
jQuery Filtering

jQuery AJAX

jQuery AJAX Intro
jQuery Load
jQuery Get/Post
jQuery noConflict()
jQuery Filters

jQuery Examples

jQuery Examples
jQuery Quiz
jQuery Exercises
jQuery Certificate

jQuery References

jQuery Overview
jQuery Selectors
jQuery Events
jQuery Effects
jQuery Traversing
jQuery AJAX
jQuery Misc
jQuery Properties

AngularJS Tutorial

AngularJS Intro
AngularJS Expressions
AngularJS Modules
AngularJS Directives
AngularJS Model
AngularJS Data Binding
AngularJS Controllers
AngularJS Scopes
AngularJS Filters
AngularJS Services
AngularJS Http
AngularJS Tables
AngularJS Select
AngularJS SQL
AngularJS DOM
AngularJS Events
AngularJS Forms
AngularJS Validation
AngularJS API
AngularJS W3.CSS
AngularJS Includes
AngularJS Animations
AngularJS Routing
AngularJS Application

React Tutorial

React Home
React Intro
React Get Started
React ES6
React Render HTML
React JSX
React Components
React Props
React State
React Lifecycle
React Events
React Forms
React CSS
React Sass

Node.js Tutorial

Node.js HOME
Node.js Intro
Node.js Get Started
Node.js Modules
Node.js HTTP Module
Node.js File System
Node.js URL Module
Node.js NPM
Node.js Events
Node.js Upload Files
Node.js Email

Raspberry Pi

RasPi Get Started
RasPi GPIO Introduction
RasPi Blinking LED
RasPi LED & Pushbutton
RasPi Flowing LEDs
RasPi WebSocket
RasPi RGB LED WebSocket
RasPi Components

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