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Whether you're thinking to prepare for a career, or go into business for yourself, you can learn from real-world and online examples of business executives. Take the steps necessary to achieve success.
Going into Business
Executive Summary
DBA Name
Company Description
Business Plan Tips
Doing Business
Estimating Startup Costs
Developing a Marketing Plan
Understand Your Market
Small Business Resources
Choosing Your Business Location
Service or Product
Build a Franchise

Financing Rounds
Initial Growth
Online Education - Udemy - Byjus
EduTech - Squirrel - CampusExplorer
FinTech - Square - Stripe
Software - Microsoft
Mobile Apps -
Social - Facebook - LinkedIn
Chat - Phone - WeChat
Games - EA Sports Multiplayer
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Video - YouTube - Vine Engineering - Tesla

Project Management
Decision Making
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S Corporation
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SBA Agreements

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Social Marketing
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Stock Quotes
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Business Finance
Breakeven Analysis
Cash Flow
Credit Cards
Funding Request
Venture Capital
Grant Writing
Research Grants

Financial Projections
Financial Statements
Business Tax ID
Federal Taxes
State Taxes
Tax Planning
Wills & Estate Planning

Business Law
Fair Practices
Federal Licensing
State Agencies
Employment Law
SBA Legal Resources
Trademark Law
Copyright Law
Small Business Law

Online Security
Security Online
Social Media
Identity Theft
Internet Fraud
Cybersecurity Tips

Closing a Business
Closing Business
Selling a Business
Exit Plan
Transfer Ownership
Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

Human Resources
Job Descriptions
Background Check
Hire a Contractor
Hire Employees
Managing Employees
Employee Handbooks
Employee Benefits
Health Insurance
Job Search
Starting Salaries

Business Tests - Free Practice!

This section offers practice tests in several subject areas. Each of the following multiple-choice tests has 10 questions to work on. No sign-up required, just straight to the test.

Business Contracts

The key to a contract is that there must be an offer, and acceptance of the terms of that offer. An offer is a proposal made to demonstrate an intent to enter a contract. Acceptance is the agreement to be bound by the terms of the offer. Offers must be made with intent, must be clearly expressed for it to be enforceable, and must be communicated unambiguously. An acceptance must demonstrate the willingness to consent to all of the terms of the offer in good faith.

A genuine agreement, also known as a meeting of the minds, is also required. Agreements can be destroyed by fraud, misrepresentation, unintentional mistakes, duress, or undue influence. Some measure of consideration must be included in contracts, a standard of value promised in exchange for something else of value, although not necessarily in monetary terms. This mutual exchange binds the parties together in a contractual obligation.

Capacity to contract is the next element required for a valid agreement. The law presumes that anyone entering a contract has the legal capacity to do so. Minors are generally excused from contractual responsibility, as are are mentally incompetent and drugged or drunk individuals. Finally, parties entering into contracts that involve illegal conduct may not expect judicial relief to have that contract enforced. This theory has also been applied to conduct that would be considered in opposition to public policy.

Stock Market

The art of investments is based on the mathematical principle of doublings over time. While a typical business venture is happy to receive an ROI of 10% yearly, more aggressive returns are possible in the internet age, without incurring undue risk. This page will explore the new medium of MROI, a monthly return on investment.

Along more traditional lines, NASDAQ offers a wealth of investing tutorials, and live streams of data from it's online network of websites, headquartered at Nasdaq.com. At a minimum, browse their stock screener and financial analysis pages. Below, find links directly to Nasdaq pages, offering updated interactive charts, volume trading, summary quotes, and IPO disclosures.

Investing Basics
Mutual Funds
Broker Comparison
Investing Tools
Stock Screener

Stock Quotes
Summary Quotes
Basic Charts
Interactive Charts
Most Active
Unusual Volume
52 Week High/Low
IPO Summary
Company News
Stock Reports
Revenue EPS
Analyst Research

Starbucks Franchises

In its 47-year history, Starbucks has transformed from a single coffee bean store in Seattle to a 30,000 cafe international coffee power house. But massive expansion hasn't come without growing pains.

Ralph Lauren | Fashion Empire

This video spotlights the career of fashion designer, Ralph Lauren. Explore the rise of the fashion house he founded, his personal and professional challenges, and his international success.

Jack Ma - Success Plan

Jack Ma applied to KFC and was rejected before going on to build Alibaba, a multi-billion dollar business. He said that you should always aim to be the first, trying to solve challenges because adversity hides unforeseen opportunities.

Amazon Big Data

No company stores more data than Amazon, with a giant market share in online business sales. Amazon is a AI software machine that can simultaneously observe, compare and analyze more than 300 million people worldwide.

Google Adsense & Adwords

Google Analytics may take some time to link correctly to your Adsense account. However, after you get the code working, this free stats package displays great graphs, going far beyond the number of visitors to your page, into user flow, what links they clicked on, how long they stayed, bounce rate, the percent of repeat visitors, search traffic, referral traffic, and much more.

In general, Google Adwords is the sister story to Adsense. Businesses of all sizes use dwords to display their ads on the first page of Google, paying for each click they receive. There's a bidding process, so keyword phrases like "life insurance" or "mortgage refinance" are worth up to several dollars per click. For anything loan-related, lawsuits, or any other business that is well-adapted to sales or completion online, you can expect a high click value.

Project Management Professional (PMP)

Most projects, even at successful companies, tend to go over budget and take longer than projected—even with formal training, specialized tools and automated software. The project management certificate program teaches proven strategies and practical, hands-on tools to drive successful project outcomes. Learn how to scope projects effectively, set key milestones, improve resource allocation, and get the project done. Processes covered within the project management certificate program include agile methodologies and earned value management (EVM). The concepts, tools, and language of project management can be applied to any size or type of project.

PMP certification description: to be eligible for a PMP Credential, you must first meet specific educational and project management experience requirements, and agree to practice a code of professional conduct. You must also pass a rigorous multiple-choice examination designed to objectively assess your ability to apply project management knowledge in the following six domains: initiating the project, planning, executing the project, monitoring and controlling inputs and costs, and completing projects successfully. The Certified Project Risk Management (CPRM) designation recognizes professional analysts who meet the requirements of managing risk teams and leading project managers.

Business administration majors learn the fundamentals of business, how businesses operate, how to analyze a businesses’ strengths and weaknesses, how to create organizational strategies. Typical coursework for this program includes operations management, financial management, management information systems, accounting, business statistics, business ethics and law, business policy and strategy, economics, human resources management, international management and marketing. With an associate degree, you will be eligible for a trainee position in retail or sales, for example. Other possibilities include a position as a project coordinator or perhaps an office manager or clerical clerk. If you desire a higher ranking position, such as an administrative management role, a bachelor’s degree is typically recommended.

Business Success

Pat Flynn - Test Prep, Monetize a Website, Podcasting, Courses
Graham Stephan - Real Estate Agent, Investor, YouTube Finance Channel, Courses

Byju - Test prep, Public Speaker, Website Subscription

Jeff Cavaliere - Pro Sports Trainer, YouTube, Products

Robert Kiyosaki - Author Deepak Chopra - Author Napoleon Hill - Think and Grow Rich

Conrad Hilton - Be My Guest

Warren Buffett - The Essays of Warren Buffett

Kenneth Blanchard & Spencer Johnson - The One Minute Manager

Jean Paul Getty - How To Be Rich

Tom Hopkins - The Official Guide to Success

Anthony Robbins - Unlimited Power

Anthony Robbins - Awaken The Giant Within

Daniel Goleman - Emotional Intelligence

Dale Carnegie - How to Win Friends and Influence People

Stephen Covey - The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

Sam Walton - Made in America

- multiple cash flows
- Self-publishing book, eBook, video series, licensing music, distribution online
- writing a course
- YouTube
- MLM - multi-level marketing
- landing pages, marketing/advertising online
- affiliate programs
- merchandising
- marketing a service

- Startups
- Growth, Scale
- Advertising, Brand Marketing
- Social Media Presence
- Human resources, hiring, firing
- Business Psychology
- Building Products or Services
Instagram founders Kevin Systrom (left) and Mike Krieger
Developing an app scaled back features, and focused on the core offering.
We crossed 10,000 users within hours
skyrocketing popularity
no money, no ads, no clutter, no distraction

- YuanTiku China Start-up


Personal power, and emotional development, needed to handle the stress and excitement of the business world. It's competitive, fast-paced, responsibility-laden, social.
Tony Robbins - Awaken the Giant Within, Unlimited Power

- Tony Robbins
Tai Lopez - 67 Steps, Mentor Box.

Get rich by doing magic, harnessing the power of the ages, in order to take your place as a enlightened being, working in harmony with greater forces, an active participant and substantive being. Having pride in your achievements, and owning the fullness of your capability. Earning it, and deserving it, using it well, as your understanding grows.

Deepak Chopra - 7 Laws of Spiritual Success

Manly P. Hall - The Lost Keys of Freemasonry

The Secret, The Law of Attraction.

self-image, self-awareness, personality, confidence, leadership, personal power
communication, EQ, mentorship, team player
fashion, image, style, presentation, delivery
law of attraction, The secret, synchronicity, timing, luck, karma, belief
magic, spellcasting, occult, fraternity, unity, conscience, ethics, morals, honor
How to Win Friends & Influence People – By Dale Carnegie

In fact, Badoo started with machine generated bikini photos aimed at indian men and boys.

Awaken the Giant Within – By Anthony Robbins

Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion – By Robert B. Cialdini

Compelling People: The Hidden Qualities That Make Us Influential – By John Neffinger & Matthew Kohut

Pitch Anything – By Oren Klaff, raised more than $400 million.

Confessions of An Advertising Man – By David Ogilvy

Open Culture

MARKETING - Kevin Trudeau

- Tom Vu

- Tai Lopez

- Don Lapre

Find your place in society, careers, Income Streams, MLM, Kevin Trudeau, Tai Lopez, Tom Vu, other gurus, financial mastery, investment courses

Grant Cardone - sales 10X course

earnings - expenses - savings = disposable income

sales revenue (conversions) - ad costs = profit (EBITDA)

advertising, psychology, influence, persuasion, sales, negotiation

business, incorporation
startups, scaling growth
hiring, firing, team building,

legality, lawsuits, insurance, governement regulation,

OMAR ELATTAR & THE PASSIONATE FEW - Interviewing wealthy people, and asking good questions to make them feel comfortable telling their stories. he’s a good listener and friendly. also offers a way for the successful people to give back, helping others succeed, so he has a good pitch to offer them tp accept his interview.

Pat Flynn, Power up Podcasting

Master of the Game: Steve Ross and the Creation of Time Warner
This is a biography of Steve Ross

Models of My Life
An autobiography of Nobel laureate Herbert A. Simon, “A wealth of information creates a poverty of attention.”

Andrew Carnegie, the definitive biography
Also study the Mellon Brothers

Titan: The Life of John D. Rockefeller, Sr.
At 800 or so pages this is the perfect book for a week-long vacation. From humble beginnings to the height of great power
Poor Charlie’s Almanack: The Wit and Wisdom of Charles T. Munger – By Peter Kaufman

Getting to Yes: Negotiating Agreement Without Giving In

Influence, New and Expanded : The Psychology of Persuasion
By PhD Robert B Cialdini
Kickstarter engineering projects: New Musical instruments, candles, soap making, sound energy vibration, fermented products, natural cosmetics, oils, powders

Kickstarter project for the whole wellness and development center.

Kickstarter project for each course. Advance sponsors get a reduced price.

Tatiana James - Amazon
5 income streams, 50,000/month
Amazon FBA Business
2 YouTube channels, varying CPM

7 incomes

teenagers starting businesses, used coffee grinds turned into facial scrub.

Rich Dad, Poor Dad

The books, 'Rich Dad, Poor Dad' and 'Rich Dad's Guide to Investing' by Robert Kiyosaki occupy 2 places in the top 10 of the New York Times best-seller list. To invest freely and grow rapidly, being able to take advantage and use the money earned with safety and convenience, you may consider starting a business, and learning how to deal with taxes and financial responsibilities.

There exist educational and financial change points within life, specifically moving from high school to college, doing well on the college entrance exam, and selecting the best college that you are able to gain entrance to. Cost and location also playing their roles. Then, selecting a major, an intended career path. Moving on, gaining competency and earning a good salary, or starting your own business. Growing the business, or getting promotions. Determining to save a portion of your income or earnings, whatever your comfort level. Finally, moving on to investing, learning the particulars of the new arena.

Working People

Researching investments or business ideas
Employment, Salary and Benefits
Promotion, and Lateral Job Changes
Resume Improvement
Job Interviewing

Expert level, Specialist
Transition to offering expertise
Design a Course
Release an Online Offering

Cash flows

Online Marketing, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Branding
YouTube Success
Patt Flynn, Podcasting
Start a Website, Grow Traffic
Wesite Design, BlueHost, InMotion Affiliate
Selling used items form Auction
Selling food and drink at concerts and festivals
Advertising income, adsense, youtube partner program
Adwords, Buying Traffic
Sales Turnover, Affiliates, Sponsorships
Make a Game, a New App
Make an Online Course
Getting onto iStore and Google Play

Villagers might make high-end handcrafted teddy bears for online sale, or other craft products. Forest products. miniatures, high end custom dolls and doll houses, big money. Could teach hill tribes using their fabrics they make. Also, cute pillows of all sizes.

Business Startups

It would be wise moving forward to look at tax rates and benefits of expensing as a limited liability company (LLC), using smart contracts on blockchain ledgers that execute automatically. Use local banking and pay taxes with good accounting, also allows other businesses to value our company based on multiple years of growth and earnings, and that just isn’t possible without reliable financial records.

Practice Small, Testing and Scale
Writing a Business Plan
Service Business
Sourcing Low-cost Products
Location, Target Market
Accounting, Taxes
Skillsets, Online Courses
Personal Power, Leadership, Negotiation
Time Management, Project Management
Hiring & firing

Tai Lopez - 67 Steps, Mentor Box, Effective YouTube Ads

Jerry Banfield - CPC, Facebook ads, Google Adwords

Auctions from Thai Government

main idea now is to live somewhere and start turning cash savings into useful objects. Determine a comfortable level of risk going forward. Can be small at first, like hiring a girl and starting YouTube, or building grow houses out of plastic. The girl can be in charge of her own projects, and keep the money.

money invested in things that bring return, not only cryptocurrency in the world. arrange a small studio to make videos, buy materials, subscriptions to open content, guitar, second computer, microphone, editing software, thumbnail maker, photoshop, residence, water purification, enclosed, organic hydroponic food production.

can also buy silver, copper, aluminum, palladium, rhodesium, other raw materials, (learn how to test metals) and search for gold, old artifacts, meteorites, crystals, metal detecting, kickstarter for my metal-detector design, long bar with all-terrain tires, new signaling method also.

semi-precious stones and colored crystal, rock hunting in correct places. not the most rare stones, but easier to find in bulk. good outdoor business. must learn how to locate, where to sell either online, or relationships with rock shops or dealers. ie, agate, amethyst, quartz, jade, beryllium?

Survey online what areas I can participate in, without feeling like work.

Advertising applications on blockchain

can start a crypto youtube channel for minor coins, and keep track on kooksta like pat flynn. finance topic so should do well. especially the reasoning behind why a particular coin has value or may appeal to investors, not just rehash top 100 coins.

very important in general to teach people about investing, crypto and the dangers of being too passive, as investing leads to financial security, and keeps maximum opportunities available, especially after you earn some money, and have savings to worry about

e-sports and gaming have huge audiences viewing.

if market cap is small enough, just my encouragement if reaching a sufficient number of people may increase the coin price. still have new projects coming out today, 6,000 altcoins now. regulation increasing in some countries but not all.

research and find out who most-subscribed crypto channels on youtube. discussion comments reveal minds who are subscribing and participating. what they are concerned about and fills in detail. can download youtube audio, use speech to text, and gain original text due to transcription errors. use for landing pages.

if do a youtube channel and it becomes popular, coins may reach out to us, giving us crypto, as well as offering video content that they produce, explaining their offering, for our promotional mentions and analysis to our audience.

with thousands of coins, always new content, and trending. information rich, technical topic

OffShift, privacy for wallets - consider
polkadot, moonbeam, chainlink
OraiChain, ai interface for ethereum

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