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Flutter, Dart, Firebase, React Native, and other app development platforms have simplified development. Browse the links below to access resources.

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Android Modern programming is becoming less about knowing how to program, and more about sourcing code snippets, and accessing software libraries. Google recently opened their Google Apps and API's to developers, and the US government has literally thousands of free datasets to download which can be used commercially without a license.

Android App Builder - Google

Android Design Style, building blocks, downloads, and video.

Android Development Training, API Guides, a quick reference, and samples.

Google Play Google Play is an easy way to distribute your Android Apps. Register, upload, and publish your app, so Android users can rate and add comments.

Google Apps Marketplace Google Apps already has 40 million users and an additional 5,000 companies a day are signing up.

Chrome Web Store The Chrome Web Store lets you publish apps and games for 200+ million Google Chrome users.

Web In-App Payments Use Google In-App Payments to sell digital and virtual goods within a web application.

Google Play In-App Billing Google Play In-App Billing allows you to sell digital content, including downloadable content such as media files or photos, and virtual content such as game levels or access.


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Right after Apple released the new Swift code, Nick Walter envisioned that he could learn the Swift language for making apps for the iPhone, and teach it at the same time, videotaping his progress. For the next week, he studied the Swift programming language, recording his voice and doing screen captures, making 50 short videos. Then he uploaded them on Udemy, a four-year-old site that makes it easy to put paywalls around content. Apple released Swift on June 2, and Walter submitted his udemy class on June 5. For the first 24 hours, he offered it for free, gaining 1,600 sign-ups that first day. The next day he raised the price to $199 and netted $20,000. Within 30 days he had earned $40,000. “That was more than I’d made in the last year,” he says. It helped that Udemy sent out an email blast to 60,000 people who they thought would be interested in the course and offered it for a discounted $29. Since then the course has generated between $3,000 and $5,000 a month in residual earnings.

People who took the Swift course started emailing Walter, asking if he could teach a broader class on how to make an iPhone app. So he decided to make a marketing video called “How to Make a Freakin’ iPhone App,” and put it on Kickstarter, pre-selling the $199 Udemy course for just $29. In one month the Kickstarter video proved a huge success, earning him $66,000. Only 40% of Kickstarter projects reach the goals set by those who launch them and just 15% of those earn more than $20,000.

Make An iOS APP

Learn how to code and how to make Apple iOS apps. Love playing with iPhone and iPad apps? Study here, to create your own apps.

Android Apps - Kotlin

We will create a basic 'To Do' list Android app using the Kotlin programming language.

Mobile Game Income

The author made a game in one day, and then turned it into a mobile game, gaining income and auience. It was really fun, and it's crazy how many downloads the game got.

Mobile Apps - Python

This is a python kivy tutorial for beginners, showing you how to create mobile apps with kivy. Kivy is a cross platform Python module, which means it works on both Android and iOS.

Google Tools

Tweak Google maps to your heart's content. The first umteen thousand maps displayed are free per month, and you're enjoying very good site traffic if your website is capable of exceeding the free quota. Thereafter, it's a very modest charge for business application, and well worth the investment if you have a guide site or upcoming user-intensive idea.

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Google Analytics
Mobile Version
You get event tracking as well as real-time reporting. If you are serious about growing your website, Google Analytics is the one free tool you cannot live without. Google Analytics shows you the full customer picture across ads and videos, websites and social tools, tablets and smartphones.

Adsense  Make money from your website or App.

Adwords  Purchase targeted traffic from Google.

Gmail  Access free Email from any device.

Google Docs  Open & edit documents online.

Google Translate  Translate text, web pages, and files.

Google Support  Explanations and help.

Google Maps  Explore maps.

Google Play 

News  Search breaking news stories.

Developers  Developer tools, APIs.

Code  Software libraries, resources.

Google Sites  Free multi-page websites.

Google Blogger  Create a free blog.

Google Webmaster Tools. 

Google Books 

Mobile  Google apps on mobile 

Picasa  Edit, tag, and share your photos.

Google Alerts 

Chrome Store 

Google Wallet  Shop in stores. Send money to friends.

WildFire  Create social landing pages, posts, and ads.

WebPage Test  Test a website's performance.

Waze  Share real-time traffic and road info.

Google Fonts  Open source fonts.

Web Designer  HTML5 design and motion graphics.

ReCaptcha  Clean, sophisticated CAPTCHAs.

Google TV  Send YouTube videos from Android OS to your TV.

AdMob Make money and promote your apps.

Google Trends See what's trending on Google search.

HangOuts Live face-to-face video calls.

Google Sky Explore the heavens with star maps.

SketchUp Simple 3D drawing platform.

Google App Store

Scholar Search scholarly publications.

Page Speed Page speed test for your website.

Google Flights Search for discount airfares.

Finance Stock charting and financial data.

Google Earth 3D maps of Earth.

Zygote Body 3D human anatomy. Use on Chrome browser.

Game Design

A video game begins with a proposal that is drafted by a team of game designers, who make gameplay and layout come alive, often through experimentation with several themes, as well as improvement on existing computer games. All of this is created through computer software and computer scripting, which generates commands, events, objects and characters that players will interact with. Most designers will spend at least some of their time as testers, and are responsible for communication within the video game design team.

A game designer works on the balance of the game and its rule system, while an environmental designer is responsible for creating varied video game scenarios. It's important that you also love to play video games. As simple as it sounds, having experience and familiarity with playing video games is a crucial step towards becoming a professional video game designer. Video game designers come up with game concepts, characters, setting, storylines, and game play. Designers also must work closely with artists and programmers to create the scripting language and artistic vision for a game. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported in May, 2017 that the average annual salary for multimedia artists and animators was $78,300.

Designers may need a bachelor's degree, although aspiring game designers can get the necessary training from computer science, or software engineering. The coursework for a game design program covers subjects like 2D and 3D modeling and animation, level and interface design, storyboard rendering, drawing, and scripting. With very complex games, such as MMORPGs, or a big budget action or sports title, designers may involve dozens of programmers. In larger companies like Electronic Arts, each aspect of the video game may have a separate producer, lead designer and several general designers.

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iOS Tester
Laiba Technologies
In this role, you will be *evaluating mobile devices, testing live applications, and troubleshooting updates*, among other duties.
30+ days ago
SDE Test
Amazon.com Services LLC
Bachelor's degree or higher in Science, Technology, Engineering, or Math (STEM). 2 years towards an undergraduate/graduate STEM degree with 2+ years of…
16 days ago
Python Programmer
Triunity software Inc.
Develop back-end components to improve responsiveness and overall performance. Integrate user-facing elements into applications. Job Types: Full-time, Contract.
6 days ago
Junior Programmer - General Medicine
Columbia University Medical Center
Categories: Research (Lab and Non-Lab). Job Type: Support Staff - Union. Reporting the Director and working with the research team, the Junior Programmer will…
17 days ago
Jr. Screens Programmer
Screens Programmer reporting to the Senior Screens Programmer. The ideal candidate embraces learning new systems, is technical, and can manage multiple…
20 days ago
Nine Software Development Blog Writers Needed
Tempesta Media, LLC
3 days ago
html Coder
Resmatic Inc.
We have an ongoing need for HTML coders working offsite on a CONTRACT basis. Hand-write basic, clean html code on a contract basis.
3 years ago
Python Developer Ex Google
Laiba Technologies
A Python Developer is *responsible for coding, designing, deploying, and debugging development projects, typically on the server-side (or back-end)*.
30+ days ago
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